An initial assessment of your child's speech/language skills is completed. The initial assessment includes parent interview, standardized assessment(s), an informal conversational sample, and an informal oral-motor examination (checking the muscle needed for speech). Then a meeting is held to discuss the results of the assessment and recommendations. The parents and speech pathologist develop a plan to assist the child in achieving his/her speech/language goals. An outside speech/language evaluation can be used if completed within the last year.


Private and small group sessions are available at flexible times. Each treatment session is one hour long. The frequency of treatment is discussed and based on the initial evaluation results. Parents are provided with instruction and activities at the end of each session to reinforce your child's new skills.

Advantage Speech Therapy is available for children experiencing difficulty in the following areas:

Articulation Disorder/Delay:

Involves difficulty producing speech sounds. Various speech sounds may be omitted, substituted, added, or distorted. For instance, a child may have trouble producing the l sound (ie., says wadder for ladder).

Language Disorder/Delay:

Expressive language refers to the ability to express one's thoughts and feelings through communication.
Receptive language refers to the ability to interpret and comprehend language or directions.


Occurs when sounds, syllables, or words are involuntarily repeated or prolonged, causing disruption of the normal flow of speech.

Phonological Impairment:

Involves patterns of speech sound errors: For example, substituting all sounds that are made in the front of the mouth for sounds that are made in the back of the mouth (ie., g for d: gog for dog).


Refers to the strength and coordination of facial and mouth muscles needed for speech and feeding/swallowing. Child may exhibit drooling, open mouth posture, poor control of food/liquid, or unclear speech.

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