Our 5 year old daughter has been attending private speech therapy sessions with Kristy Leach for the last several months. During that time her speech has improved significantly. Prior to starting her sessions people close to her would have difficulty understanding her at times and now even non-familiar people are able to hold a conversation with her. We have also seen a huge increase in her level of self confidence and willingness to assert herself. Our daughter loves attending her special classes and Mrs. Leach has nothing but patience and kindness when interacting with our daughter.
-H. Family

Last year our son was tested to see if he would qualify for speech therapy services through the public school system. Although he did not qualify for assistance, we as parents felt Alex would benefit from speech therapy. We found it extremely difficult to find a private licensed speech pathologist in our area who also charged a reasonable hourly fee. However, we were able to find an excellent speech therapist to work with him on an hourly basis. Our son has made wonderful progress with Ms. Kristy Leach and we are pleased to share this information with any other parents currently seeking speech therapy for their child. Ms. Leach charges a very reasonable hourly rate. We highly recommend Ms. Leach (Advantage Speech Therapy)!
-R. Family

Dear Kristy,
We just wanted to thank you for all the time and energy you put into our son's speech therapy. You've always been a positive influence and we appreciate your support. We are very proud of our son's efforts to work on his speech. Thank you for making speech therapy FUN!

-M. Family

Mrs. Leach,
Thank you for your support and help with our daughter's speech this year! We are so proud of her and the great progress she has made with you. She is very sad to be "graduating" from speech. She is going to miss the interactions with you!

-C. Family

Dear Mrs. Leach,
Thank you so much for your time and efforts with our son. We've seen remarkable growth and improvement in his speech. He has really enjoyed working with you, too!

-S. Family

Poem written by a student:
Mrs. Leach teaches speech,
And probably is the best teacher at it!
She's really fun and smart,
And likes to give us treats,
But really Mrs. Leach
Is the one that is sweet.

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