Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction Therapy

Accents are a natural part of spoken languages. They reflect the unique characteristics and background of an individual. However, some accents make it difficult for people to communicate effectively. You may want to reduce or modify your accent for personal or professional reasons, including:

  • A desire to improve your overall communication.
  • Frustration at having to repeat yourself to be understood.
  • Listeners miss your message, because they are distracted by your accent.
  • Avoid social interactions with those who have trouble understanding you.

If you feel your accent is interfering with your daily communication, accent reduction therapy with a licensed speech/language pathologist can help you. At Advantage Speech Therapy, we can complete an assessment of your current speech patterns. From this information, the speech/language pathologist will determine what can be done to modify your accent and improve your overall communication.

Speech Telepractice Therapy (Online Speech Therapy)

In addition to traditional, in-office, private speech therapy sessions, Advantage Speech Therapy also offers speech telepractice services via the internet from any location, using state-of-the-art technology.

What equipment do I need to use Speech Telepractice Services?
A computer/laptop with a webcam, microphone, and high speed internet connection.

Meetings are scheduled in advance. The client logs into our meeting at the scheduled time. The sessions take place face-to-face, in real time.

Why use Speech Telepractice Services?
There are many benefits to using Speech Telepractice Services:
  • Services can take place in the privacy of your own home or office.
  • No travel time or expense.
  • Services can take place any location with high speech internet connection.
  • Telepractice is efficient and effective.

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